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In 2007, Chantal Kur realized that her long term commitment to working in the legal environment (litigation, commercial, and corporate cases) has ignited an undeniable passion to become a divorce mediator.

Having to witness the strenuous litigious process of divorces is hard. The costs, time periods involved and emotional trauma to all parties, including the children can really take its toll on you.This compelled her to start The Mediation Clinic & Divorce Mediations.

Studies show that mediation is at least 70% less expensive than litigation, quicker and less traumatic process to resolve legal matters. Even though the mediator does not offer any legal advice, the process is neutral and impartial.

"My commitment and dedication is promised to all couples whose divorces I mediate. For me it is not just a “job” as my very best endeavors and heartfelt care go into each session. I strive for client satisfaction, and it is my desire to reach a happy medium and successful agreement with each and every one of my mediations." - The Mediator

Chantal Kur


Successfully  settled

In the course of the company being in existence, it has successfully settled over 3000 matters:

parenting plans
post divorce disputes
personal disputes
Success Cases
Arbitration Foundation of South Africa
Divorce Mediations is proudly on the Panel of Mediators of the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa (AFSA).
South African Association of Mediators
Chantal Kur of Divorce Mediations is proudly an accredited Mediator with The South African Association of Mediators (SAAM).
ADR International Register
Chantal Kur is a Certified International Mediator and as such is registered on the ADR International Register.
Mediators Beyond Borders
Mediators Beyond Borders International
Chantal Kur is proudly a member and peace builder with Mediators Beyond Borders International

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