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Award-winning accredited mediator, Chantal Kur of  Divorce Mediations offers some of the best and low-cost solutions for you.

With more than a decade of divorce & family mediation experience and a 99% success rate, Chantal prides herself with providing the best mediator services in the country.We provide Divorce, Post-Divorce and Family Mediation services that will help you and your family get through this difficult time.

Chantal has more than a decade experience and a success rate of 99%


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I sought Chantal’s services, as a last resort, and in hindsight, wished that I had found her first. I spent the last year, trying to revise my maintenance order, which in theory should be a simple matter, involving filling in a form and handing it in, at the maintenance court. I decided to engage the services of an Attorney, thinking that the cost would be nominal, being that this was a “quick” process, but possibly quicker and easier with “expert” guidance. I could not have been more wrong. It took the “attorney” several months to figure out how to fill in the variation of maintenance form, with it being rejected 3 times by the court, with incurred costs, for my account, every time. When they eventually figured this out, and summons was served on me ex-wife, the entire process became much more costly. She retained her own Attorney, and unbeknownst to us, they seamlessly started to engage in what can only be described as an unspoken, but subtly curated back and forth dance of sorts, clearly designed to extract the maximum fee’s out of both parties. To the uninitiated, Attorneys will charge you for every single action they take, no matter how small or insignificant. You suddenly realize that you are now fighting two fights, one with the “other party” and another with your Attorney. Instead of any feeling of relief that you are making progress, you are suddenly filled with dread, as to what the next month’s bill will look like. This would all still be palatable if you felt like you were actually reaching a defined end point, but it never seems to arrive, the dance just continues. After a year of this, and almost R100k in legal fees (my fees alone), and still not having had a single court appearance, I realized that I needed a new approach, and I fired my Attorney. I found Chantal via google, immediately noting that she has a proven track record and great reviews. I initially contacted her for a consult, to prepare me for court, as I now planned to “go it alone”, and represent myself. During the session, I realized that if I could convince my ex to mediate, we had a better chance of settling, than trying to “destroy” each other in court. She reluctantly agreed, after a 20 minute phone chat with Chantal. Chantal advised us to chat, and try reach an agreement in principal, which she would then draw up and we could present to the court. After engaging with Chantal, without the Attorney’s, suddenly things seemed easier. It wasn’t all plain sailing, but we managed to agree on most things. Chantal was available to us all the way, never more than a WhatsApp or email away. Despite the fact that I had engaged with her first, she was completely impartial, and neither parties ever felt that she was taking the other’s side. She provided constant reassurance and managed to get our agreement typed up and signed in record time. We presented this to the court, and it was accepted, no Attorney’s present, and the matter is now finalized. The entire process took 3 weeks, from inception to court order. We agreed on the cost upfront, so there were no nasty surprises. My only regret is not finding Chantal a year ago. The objective of this review is to thank Chantal, but also to serve as a cautionary tale to my fellow Human’s. I would urge anyone in my position, or even pre divorce, avoid Attorneys and rather mediate, you will get a fair outcome, and avoid financial disaster.
VG van Reysen
May 2024
We are profoundly grateful to Chantal Kur for her exceptional support, compassion, and expert guidance throughout our challenging journey. From the outset, Chantal cultivated an environment of trust and understanding, ensuring that we felt at ease discussing the intricacies of our divorce. Her nonjudgmental approach and commitment to creating a safe space allowed us to openly communicate and address our concerns with confidence. Chantal's unwavering dedication to considering the well-being of our child was evident in every interaction, reassuring us that despite the closure of one chapter, our future held promise and opportunity. Her wise counsel served as a steady anchor, keeping us focused and grounded during a tumultuous time, while also encouraging us to practice self-compassion. We extend our deepest gratitude to Chantal for her profound impact on our lives during this transitional period. Her guidance was instrumental in navigating the complexities of divorce, and we are truly appreciative of her invaluable support. With heartfelt thanks
Shannon and Lee Eckard
April 2024
I got referred to Chantal through a friend that also used her services. From our first phone call I felt totally at ease with Chantal and knew she would be the right fit for us. She is very professional and very knowledgeable about the laws around settlements and parenting plan and the patience of a saint! We didn’t have an easy time agreeing on certain terms to our settlement but she was very patient and explained everything very well. Chantal was definitely my sanity in a very difficult time of my life and I will be forever grateful! I cannot recommend her enough!
May 2022
Dear Chantal
Thank you for giving me my life back:-)
Hope all is well, I have been sitting here and thinking about how you have positively influenced my life during challenging difficult times. I remember driving to your offices thinking my world is coming to an end little did I realise that I was entering into a life where I would be able to know myself better. I am truly grateful for what you did for me and my children. I always knew that I will meet a very special person to work through the painful journey that turned to be an awesome learning growth path in my life and that person is you Chantal. May you be more blessed with the special gift that you have that makes people not to be afraid of accepting challenges as see challenges as jumping through a holler hoop rather than a struggle. You have taught me that the universe will always whisper to us and we should never think we are here to be punished rather we should realise that we have a noble role to play in live. May 2022 be the pinnacle year for you
B. Komane
December 2021
Dear Chantal
I am forever grateful to my friend who referred me to your company. I could not believe that with just 40 minutes of online consultation via Zoom you were able to deliver a draft settlement agreement within a week from the meeting. Not only did you capture both our requirements fully, the contract was written in a clear and simple manner for ease of understanding with no room for misinterpretation. I would recommend your mediation services to anyone going through a divorce anyday. Your professionalism, no bias and win-win approach is unparalleled. I wish more couples would use joint mediated settlement instead of the mudslinging often seen by two people who once loved and cared for one another. My husband was equally impressed mostly by the efficiency and the respect you afforded both of us. For the stellar service you deliver- I want to add that your fees are very competitive and reasonably affordable.
Once again thank you and keep up the good work.
September 2021
We were referred to Chantal Kur for mediation by a friend who was very satisfied with her services. We found Chantal to be very professional, fair, supporting and kind. We would refer anyone to her with confidence.
Thanks again, Chantal.
Kindest regards
December 2020
Grace under pressure”
The emotionally stressed and distressed conditions of a divorce need no additional sources of inflammation, yet contested divorces seem to be the default (pun intended) advice in this area. The saying goes “when elephants fight, the earth hurts” . Similarly, the collateral damage inflicted by ego inspired attorneys and their clients can have long lasting effects. The contrast to litigation is mediation, which is not a panacea for all conflicts. However, the style of engagement in mediation is much more balanced and constructive than the argumentative and fractious nature of litigation. Choosing a good mediator and adopting a mature approach to the matters that require negotiation preserve both relationship value and assets. I have no hesitation in recommending Chantal Kur as a divorce mediator based on her approach, reasonable fees and considerate style.”
8 July 2020
Chantal made the painful process of Divorce a lot more bearable, she has the ability to calm a potentially volatile situation making the process of Divorce quick, amicable and easy.”
Thabo Moilwa
November 2019
Dear Chantal,
I am extremely happy with the service that was offered by your company during the challenging times preceding my divorce. The mediation process was quick and efficient and it took a lot of the hard ace away from me. I felt respected and was always handled professionally at all times, even when there were difficulties with coming to agreement with my ex husband. The mediator handled each crises effectively and very professionally. Any queries was resolved very quickly and I was always informed at each step of the way. Your company also being able to refer and assist with any other services linked to the divorce process. i.e. the transfer of house deed and loans, attorneys etc. This made a process that is very troublesome time a little more bearable.
I would refer anybody that are in the position I was to follow this root. It is much cheaper than fighting through attorneys.
Thank you for your assistance, professionalism and friendliness throughout.
Kind Regards,
October 2019
Hi Chantal
Thank you so much for mediating our divorce. It has definitely made the process less destructive to our future relationship with each other.
Thank you
Kind Regards
October 2019
Afternoon Chantal
Herewith this mail please find my gratitude and thanks for all your assistance to make this process better than what it was going to be…
I am grateful for your kindness, assistance and professionalization during our sessions.
Warm regards
February 2019
To whom it may concern,
To anyone who has experienced the trauma of divorce: it is as much an emotional ordeal as it is a financial one. My divorce was dramatic and with 3 young children within the tornado, almost out of control. I was “reeling”, “trying to keep it together”, as so to speak…
Having started out at mediation approximately two and a halfyears prior, Chantal’s words proved prophetic: “…If you go the litigation route, you will simply land up here later, just far poorer than before…”. I have named her “Nostradamus”!
Emotions ran high, rationality and objectivity were non–existent. Having started out at mediation, intransience between my now ex-wife and I proved VERY expensive, in every respect. To break the impasse, we found ourselves back where we started.
It hit me: the nett result was that I was going to allow a third party (a judge) to decide the rest of my life for me and then be paying him/her to do so! Your first loss (win), where you have the opportunity to control your destiny, is your best loss (win). That is: mediation.
Facing the inevitable takes courage and extreme self-control. Chantal assisted us in keeping things rational and fair – words and actions that I am well aware that you may not want to consider whilst in the throes of divorce. Chantal, with her wealth of experience – understands that you will eventually judge yourself poorly after the emotions are long gone and will ensure that your sense of integrity is the final emotion remaining. For those with children: it’s the most valuable asset, other than love, that you can give them!
Chantal called me to order, gently and sometimes more sternly, when required. She led us through the process to the extent that the sense of trust that I developed in both her professionalism and character, gave me a sense of peace. That we were both going to get a fair deal. And me being a control freak – it was liberating and indeed akin to part of the process of “letting go”.
Chantal is as mindful as she is fair, as intuitive as she is impartial. All necessary character assets to buffer the trauma and attain the result – quickly, cost effectively and without regret. Looking back – there is little I would change – apart from the glaring obvious of taking her sage advice at the onset.
Chantal’s role within my divorce proved the sole determinant in the settlement thereof to the extent that I thank her to this day –literally! To you reading this – let go, let Chantal…
Yours in prosperity,
Brendan Du Bruyn
July 2019
Hi Chantal , My divorce went through today. The judge today said that he has never seen such a perfect and child centered parenting plan in all he’s years.
Thank you for that
1 November 2018
Dearest Chantal & Team. My divorce went through yesterday thanks once again for all your kind assistance, I could not have overcome this overwhelmingly daunting experience without you. I will without a doubt recommend your warm services to friends and family.
May 2018
Hi Chantal
Thank you very much for your help in facilitating our divorce. I really appreciate your impartiality and you professionalism in handling our divorce process.
Thank you Kind Regards
August 2017
Hi Chantal,
I’d thought I write out something personal to you to thank you.
Thank you for being my strength when I felt so incredibly fragile. Thank you for pointing out the way for me when I just did not know where to turn. But mostly, thank you for nudging and pushing me to the place that I was afraid to go. I will never forget your words to me – that I can re-create my life. This has re-awakened something powerful in me that I’ve somehow lost over the years. Thank you for generously taking on our case pro-bono. Your gentle yet assertive manner of helping us through this life-changing transition brings me hope. I feel somehow I am surviving this and that I can and will make the next chapter of my life matter.
May 2017
Hi Chantal I just wanted to thank you for treating our matter with such care and swift efficiency.
Your care and guidance will always be revered
April 2017
I don’t actually know how to put the experience I have had with Chantal Kur and her company Divorce Mediations into words that truly describe the professionalism and service she delivers with such ease and absolute grace.
No divorce is pleasant but she made us feel so comfortable and explained everything in such detail that we walked out of her office knowing we have made the right decision for our beautiful daughter.
At no stage do you feel rushed, unsure or insecure about anything – she is open to discussion and I would recommend any person looking for mediation to go this route – without any doubt!!!
Thank you Chantal for all you have done for us – what a pleasure dealing with you
Kind regards
November 2016
Selfless beyond the call of duty
Divorce can be as bad as death, disability and destitution. One is never prepared for the extreme emotional turmoil and triggers. But through the tumult, if one feels supported and heard and seen, one can find resolve.
Chantal Kur at Divorce Mediations is just that support. She sees things as they are, she keeps things real. She gIves of herself and her gifts in mediation far beyond the cash value that she charges.
And that is her greatest asset.
I am so grateful to Chantal and would recommend her to anyone needed mediation.
Tamar D
A gentle hand in dark times
Chantal Kur conducted my divorce and I can only sing her praises. Professional, gentle and crystal clear with all steps of the process. With her gentle guidance my divorce was finalised in 5 weeks! Thank you always for everything that you did for me.
Exellent Service Recieved on 2 Occasions
I had dealings with Chantal Kurr on 2 Occasions.
Firstly Divorce Mediation in May 2014 and then a Settlement Dispute in November 2015.
On both occasions all parties involved left the table happy and satisfied for one reason… due to Chantal’s Calm Professional and Spiritual and Definitely NON Bi-as approach.
Thank You Chantal
Rudi L
Dear Chantelly
Just want to thank you so much for giving me a new lease in life by helping out with the divorce, which was so economical, and why I have never heard of you as I had divorced that husband of mine years ago.
I am very happy that mediation was fair and well priced. Thanks again for giving me a new lease on life, as now life is worth living again for me since I've made that long overdue decision to get out of that loveless pathetic joke of a marriage.
I am so glad that this is all over and recommend mediation to all.
With Love
15 March 2020
Morning Chantal
Not too sure where to start or how to put this into words but I would just like to express my gratitude for your support and assistance with regards to the mediation between myself and Sha. As you know I applied for divorce in 2011 and have changed legal representation twice since then and was still not able to assist with getting our matter finalized.
I contacted you in November 2013 and myself and Sha met with you we had a follow up session and to be honest after our second session I had hope again that the divorce would be finalized. Had it not been for the stagnation from Sha’s side I know we would have been divorced last year already. Never the less we are currently waiting for the divorce court to call with a date and then it’ll finally be over “THANK GOD”
I will never be able to repay you for working so efficiently and for assisting me with a matter that took 4 different individuals over the past 3 and a half years to settle, you have been God sent and I will eternally be grateful to you for everything you have done for me and my kids.
I would like to take this opportunity as well to wish you and yours a safe and relaxed festive season and blessed new year
Warmest Regards
December 2014
Chantal is a very pleasant and friendly person. She immediately laid down the rules of mediation and made it very clear that there is no point in fighting and arguing as we have kids and will most likely be joined at the hip for years to come.
As our kids are the most important aspect of our lives, we have decided to be amicable about our divorce. Chantal has removed the pain and hassle factor by streamlining a parenting plan, which will suit all concerned. We have had two mediation sessions and all has been sorted. She has organized for a law firm to do the run around with the court documents saving us the trouble.
I do believe that this is the way to go about a divorce. Using lawyers is just costly and time consuming. I would recommend any couples wishing to separate, to go the mediation route. It is the least painful and most efficient way possible.
25 September 2014
Chantal handled our divorce mediation both professionally and without bias, and kept both parties advised of the process throughout. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking mediation
Jan M
August 2014
Dear Chantal
Thank you for your patience and assistance in settling my divorce. I appreciate your kind hearted and professional approach. Its very seldom you meet people whom are good at and suited for what they do.
Best regards
15 September 2010
I would like to thank you for setting up our settlement agreement.
During this process your calm and caring manner have really assisted us in closing a sad chapter in our lives, and with your knowledge and guidance you alleviated much of the stress of getting divorced. I would sincerely recommend you and your mediation capabilities to any couple that have reached the end of matrimonial bliss. It was nice to be treated as a human and not just another failed case.
Thanking You Sincerely
John Kleinhaus
18 June 2010
Hi Chantal
Thank you for mediating my divorce. I found that divorce mediation is not only the cheaper option, when getting a divorce, but also quick and easy. You explained the whole mediation process so nicely to us at our first appointment. Every session thereafter you handled with empathy, professionalism and detail.
I would recommend Mediation to anyone as a first option, when getting divorced.
Ilne Muller (soon to be Nienaber)
13 November 2009
Hi Chantal
I just want to thank you for helping with the divorce, thank you for your kindness and generosity. I really appreciate it. May God bless you in so many ways.
Thank you for everything. May you have a blessed day.
Suzi van Reenen
29 September 2011
Hi Chantal
Hope you well
I like to thank you for all your assistance with regards to my divorce. I was present in Court on the 12th January, and now divorced as of that date. I will collect my Letter of Decree on the 21st.
Again thank you for all your help.
Kind Regards
19 January 2011
Dear Chantal
I am so happy that I was eventually able to persuade my husband that we mediate rather than litigate! The process with you was by far more beneficial to both of us in that we were able to communicate with civility without resorting to the bickering and mental bashing that would have happened without you. The whole process is still very painful for me and although the divorce is still awaiting a court date, I find that I am able to deal with the situation better having mediated through it.
I will always be grateful for your help, encouragement and knowledge but above all your professionalism in dealing with our divorce and I shall recommend your services to anyone I find in need of it as I know you will help others as much as you have helped me.
Thank you so very much
November 2014
Dear Chantal,
Thank you for mediating between Neville and myself. The two sessions went very well, under the circumstances, and we have managed to resolve the agreement in a friendly manner. Appreciate your time and wonderful calm manner.
Kind regards
Chantal Kur assisted me with mediation and I found her to be fair, balanced and productive in her approach towards both myself and the other party during what was an exceptionally stressful time between two people who simply couldn’t see eye to eye. I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to bridge a relationship gap sufficiently to get closure in any situation, not just in a divorce situation. I want to thank you, Chantal, for your invaluable support and assistance with facilitating the meetings held and for doing so with the greatest spirit of human kindness in an already difficult situation. Thanks to the way you handled things, everyone was able to move forward with a sense of dignity and closure.
November 2013
If you are serious about putting the needs of your children first, or would like a cost-effective, transparent and amicable ending to your marriage, then I can highly recommend Divorce Mediations. After years of struggling to come to terms with how to separate emotions from reality, Chantal came to our rescue in the form of an unbiased expert who knows the law inside out but is interested in assisting couples with creating a tailor-made solution for their situations. My ex and I were very worried about the emotional and financial impact our separation would have on our 2 young children, and Divorce Mediations facilitated a solution which we were both happy with, and which we believe is maintainable in the long term. We managed to come to an agreement in 1.5 sessions, and because the interests of our children were the focus of our mediation, we had no legal repercussions with the Family Advocate when we had to submit our Parenting Plan to them. My ex and I have managed to come through an incredibly unpleasant challenge secure in the fact that we did what was best for our children and each other. Thank you Chantal, for treating us with respect and compassion.
Kind regards
June 2011
Dear Chantal,
I would like to thank you for the professional, peaceful manner in which you assisted me with my divorce. Mediation is most certainly the less stressful option to pursue with a situation that is always emotional and potentially volatile. With your steady hand and fair approach, we got through our agreement negotiations with only the minimum of stress. In addition, you might like to know that I followed your clear, concise instructions regarding the filing of paperwork at the court, and on the day of my court appearance, mine was the only divorce granted. This is thanks to you, I followed your instructions to the letter and all my paperwork was in order, resulting in no trauma at all with the final step and a huge saving in attorneys fees.
Thank you, I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of everything you did for us.
2 November 2011
Hi Chantal,
My ex-husband and I came to you in March to sort out our divorce. Not sure that I ever thanked you for what you did for us and for me, but I do thank you, so thanks! The past 9 months has been interesting and I am in a good space now.
As a result of my divorce, and getting back into dating I have met a number of married, separated and divorced men. I must say, that having met all these people in various stages of separation, I have been amazed at how long it all gets dragged out for, often even by the person requesting the divorce in the first place. I have handed out your name and number to many people who have been amazed at how quickly and “easily” it can be done. People are astounded that my divorce took 20 days from start to finish.
Thanks so much for your assistance earlier this year — you will never be forgotten.
Althea Crundwell
December 2012
Dear Chantal,
Just wanted to let you know that everything went very smoothly in court today, and the judge ordered the decree of divorce with no hesitation. He seemed to be suitably impressed with the paperwork, which was all in order, unlike the advocates who were representing other clients before my case was called up. I was so impressed that he did not find fault in our settlement agreement that you drew up.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being an outstanding mediator who puts in the extra effort to show her clients special attention. I am so relieved that I found your contact details through Kelly, who was also kind enough to accompany me today to the court.
Thank you again for an awesome job done.
Kind regards,
Chantal Moser
25 September 2012
Hello Chantal Thank you for your assistance with getting through my divorce proceedings. When I first made the decision to get divorced, I was overwhelmed with where to begin, what to do and how to have the conversation with my ex-husband about the important matters, children included. You guided me through one of the most difficult processes of my life thus far. I appreciated your step by step approach; and having followed it exactly as you recommended, I have completed this painful process with minimal trauma.
Thank you very much.
Marcia Small
November 2012
Thank you so much for your professionalism and caring spirit when you assisted with doing my divorce settlement.
Because of you, I was born again?you gave me a second chance to rebuild my life. May God richly bless you. Its amazing how through such a delicate process, you gave me a chance to be born yet again? You gave birth to me.
3 April 2013
To whom it may concern,
I wish to recommend Chantal Kur, She has an amazing talent of being able to handle the most difficult circumstances with grace and compassion. I know from experience that she truly cares for the people she is mediating with. She will go the extra mile whenever she can and has on countless occasions taken a knock financial and emotionally just so that her clients can receive the care and hours that it takes to sort out any problems they may have. If you put your lives in her hands during this difficult time I can assure you that she will hold your hand and walk you through this difficult time of your life. Her agreements are so well done that when my sister went through her divorce I watched couple after couple having their agreements out while Chantal’s went though with no questions asked and she had a minor child in the mix.
Jennifer Maritz
July 2013
Hi Chantal,
I got my divorce decree today.
Thanks so much for your patience and making that go away so quickly. I am very grateful and happy about the way things turn out and I enjoyed meeting with you. Keep up the good work cause you are the best!
May God bless you more
K. Tsie
November 2013
Dear Chantal
Thank you so much for mediating my divorce, if it wasn’t for you…i would still be fighting for what i want. Thanks to you for assisting me in a way i never thought possible.
Lawyers doing divorces are just financially driven…you are driven to help others.
Warm Regards
February 2014
Dear Chantal
Just wanted to thank you for all your help,professionalism and PATIENCE you offered us through the divorce process. At times I know that it was draining and fustrating, yet you went above and beyond ALWAYS! Actually offering more than we deserved.
May you and your family have a blessed festive season and prosperous 2016.
(Just a little something enclosed as I am sure you have had heated meeting"like ours" that you had to contend with)
Once again I appreciate it and am most grateful for all you've done.
Kindest Regards God Bless
Dear Chantal,
Thank you for your assistance in previously reaching a settlement. I thank God for this process and service you offer. However I pray to God that less and less couples do not have to get to this level (I hope you hear my heart).I do not wish any couple to separate.
Your service has however made the process, respectable and manageable. Again I thank you.
Tshepo M
November 2015


How Divorce  mediation works

The mediation process takes 3 or more sessions or more if required, with a maximum 60 minutes per session. At the end of the mediation process, the parties will be provided with a detailed Settlement Agreement. The document provides all the points of agreement reached during the mediation process. 

All matters of divorce including: Division of Assets, Maintenance Agreements, and Parenting Plans (how each parent is going to exercise their respective responsibilities and rights in respect of minor children).

Got any other questions? Any other problems the parties may have regarding divorce may also be discussed and resolved.

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Got any questions? Any other problems the parties may have regarding divorce may also be discussed and resolved.

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