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Shannon & Lee Eckard

Shannon & Lee Eckard
April 2024
We are profoundly grateful to Chantal Kur for her exceptional support, compassion, and expert guidance throughout our challenging journey. From the outset, Chantal cultivated an environment of trust and understanding, ensuring that we felt at ease discussing the intricacies of our divorce. Her nonjudgmental approach and commitment to creating a safe space allowed us to openly communicate and address our concerns with confidence. Chantal’s unwavering dedication to considering the well-being of our child was evident in every interaction, reassuring us that despite the closure of one chapter, our future held promise and opportunity. Her wise counsel served as a steady anchor, keeping us focused and grounded during a tumultuous time, while also encouraging us to practice self-compassion. We extend our deepest gratitude to Chantal for her profound impact on our lives during this transitional period. Her guidance was instrumental in navigating the complexities of divorce, and we are truly appreciative of her invaluable support. With heartfelt thanks,


Shannon and Lee Eckard

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