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Brendan Du Bruyn

Brendan Du Bruyn

To whom it may concern,

To anyone who has experienced the trauma of divorce: it is as much an emotional ordeal as it is a financial one. My divorce was dramatic and with 3 young children within the tornado, almost out of control. I was “reeling”, “trying to keep it together”, as so to speak…

Having started out at mediation approximately two and a halfyears prior, Chantal’s words proved prophetic: “…If you go the litigation route, you will simply land up here later, just far poorer than before…”. I have named her “Nostradamus”!

Emotions ran high, rationality and objectivity were non–existent. Having started out at mediation, intransience between my now ex-wife and I proved VERY expensive, in every respect. To break the impasse, we found ourselves back where we started.

It hit me: the nett result was that I was going to allow a third party (a judge) to decide the rest of my life for me and then be paying him/her to do so! Your first loss (win), where you have the opportunity to control your destiny, is your best loss (win). That is: mediation.

Facing the inevitable takes courage and extreme self-control. Chantal assisted us in keeping things rational and fair – words and actions that I am well aware that you may not want to consider whilst in the throes of divorce. Chantal, with her wealth of experience – understands that you will eventually judge yourself poorly after the emotions are long gone and will ensure that your sense of integrity is the final emotion remaining. For those with children: it’s the most valuable asset, other than love, that you can give them!

Chantal called me to order, gently and sometimes more sternly, when required. She led us through the process to the extent that the sense of trust that I developed in both her professionalism and character, gave me a sense of peace. That we were both going to get a fair deal. And me being a control freak – it was liberating and indeed akin to part of the process of “letting go”.

Chantal is as mindful as she is fair, as intuitive as she is impartial. All necessary character assets to buffer the trauma and attain the result – quickly, cost effectively and without regret. Looking back – there is little I would change – apart from the glaring obvious of taking her sage advice at the onset.

Chantal’s role within my divorce proved the sole determinant in the settlement thereof to the extent that I thank her to this day –literally! To you reading this – let go, let Chantal…

Yours in prosperity,

Brendan Du Bruyn
July 2019

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