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B. Komane

B. Komane
December 2021

Dear Chantal

Thank you for giving me my life back:-) 

Hope all is well, I have been sitting here and thinking about how you have positively influenced my life during challenging difficult times. I remember driving to your offices thinking my world is coming to an  end little did I realise that I was entering into a life where I would be able to know myself better. I am truly grateful for what you did for me and my children. I always knew that I will meet a very special person to work through the painful journey that turned to be an awesome learning growth path in my life and that person is you Chantal. May you be more blessed with the special gift that you have that makes people not to be afraid of accepting challenges as see challenges as jumping through a holler hoop  rather than a struggle. You have taught me that the universe will always whisper to us and we should never think we are here to be punished rather we should realise that we have a noble role to play in live. May 2022 be the pinnacle year for you.

 B. Komane

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