Rudi L

Rudi L Exellent Service Recieved on 2 Occasions I had dealings with Chantal Kurr on 2 Occasions. Firstly Divorce Mediation in May 2014 and then a Settlement Dispute in November 2015. On both occasions all parties involved left the table happy and satisfied for one reason… due to Chantal’s Calm Professional and Spiritual and Definitely […]


Meralo A gentle hand in dark times Chantal Kur conducted my divorce and I can only sing her praises. Professional, gentle and crystal clear with all steps of the process. With her gentle guidance my divorce was finalised in 5 weeks! Thank you always for everything that you did for me. Meralo2016

Tshepo M

Tshepo M Dear Chantal, Thank you for your assistance in previously reaching a settlement. I thank God for this process and service you offer. However I pray to God that less and less couples do not have to get to this level (I hope you hear my heart).I do not wish any couple to separate. […]


Chantel Dear Chantal Just wanted to thank you for all your help,professionalism and PATIENCE you offered us through the divorce process. At times I know that it was draining and fustrating, yet you went above and beyond ALWAYS! Actually offering more than we deserved. May you and your family have a blessed festive season and […]

Tamar D

Tamar D Selfless beyond the call of duty Divorce can be as bad as death, disability and destitution. One is never prepared for the extreme emotional turmoil and triggers. But through the tumult, if one feels supported and heard and seen, one can find resolve. Chantal Kur at Divorce Mediations is just that support. She […]


Nics Morning Chantal LETTER OF APPRECIATION Not too sure where to start or how to put this into words but I would just like to express my gratitude for your support and assistance with regards to the mediation between myself and Sha. As you know I applied for divorce in 2011 and have changed legal […]


Lesley Dear Chantal I am so happy that I was eventually able to persuade my husband that we mediate rather than litigate! The process with you was by far more beneficial to both of us in that we were able to communicate with civility without resorting to the bickering and mental bashing that would have […]


Stefan Chantal is a very pleasant and friendly person. She immediately laid down the rules of mediation and made it very clear that there is no point in fighting and arguing as we have kids and will most likely be joined at the hip for years to come. As our kids are the most important […]

Jan M

Jan M Chantal handled our divorce mediation both professionally and without bias, and kept both parties advised of the process throughout.I highly recommend her to anyone seeking mediation Jan MAugust 2014


Aricshia Dear Chantal Thank you so much for mediating my divorce, if it wasn’t for you…i would still be fighting for what i want. Thanks to you for assisting me in a way i never thought possible. Lawyers doing divorces are just financially driven…you are driven to help others. Warm Regards Aricshia February 2014