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Dear Chantal

I am forever grateful to my friend who referred me to your company. I could not believe that with just 40 minutes of online consultation via Zoom you were able to deliver a draft settlement agreement within a week from the meeting. Not only did you capture both our requirements fully, the contract was written in a clear and simple manner for ease of understanding with no room for misinterpretation. I would recommend your mediation services to anyone going through a divorce anyday. Your professionalism, no bias and win-win approach is unparalleled. I wish more couples would use joint mediated settlement instead of the mudslinging often seen by two people who once loved and cared for one another. My husband was equally impressed mostly by the efficiency and the respect you afforded both of us. For the stellar service you deliver- I want to add that your fees are very competitive and reasonably affordable.

Once again thank you and keep up the good work.

September 2021

The Mediation Clinic

Got any questions? Any other problems the parties may have regarding divorce may also be discussed and resolved.

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