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Grace under pressure

The emotionally stressed and distressed conditions of a divorce need no additional sources of inflammation, yet contested divorces seem to be the default (pun intended) advice in this area. The saying goes “when elephants fight, the earth hurts” . Similarly, the collateral damage inflicted by ego inspired attorneys and their clients can have long lasting effects. The contrast to litigation is mediation, which is not a panacea for all conflicts. However, the style of engagement in mediation is much more balanced and constructive than the argumentative and fractious nature of litigation. Choosing a good mediator and adopting a mature approach to the matters that require negotiation preserve both relationship value and assets. I have no hesitation in recommending Chantal Kur as a divorce mediator based on her approach, reasonable fees and considerate style.

8 July 2020

Got any questions? Any other problems the parties may have regarding divorce may also be discussed and resolved.

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