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Althea Crundwell

Althea Crundwell

Hi Chantal,

My ex-husband and I came to you in March to sort out our divorce. Not sure that I ever thanked you for what you did for us and for me, but I do thank you, so thanks! The past 9 months has been interesting and I am in a good space now.

As a result of my divorce, and getting back into dating I have met a number of married, separated and divorced men. I must say, that having met all these people in various stages of separation, I have been amazed at how long it all gets dragged out for, often even by the person requesting the divorce in the first place. I have handed out your name and number to many people who have been amazed at how quickly and “easily” it can be done. People are astounded that my divorce took 20 days from start to finish.

Thanks so much for your assistance earlier this year — you will never be forgotten.


Althea Crundwell
December 2012

Got any questions? Any other problems the parties may have regarding divorce may also be discussed and resolved.

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