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Dear Chantal,

I would like to thank you for the professional, peaceful manner in which you assisted me with my divorce. Mediation is most certainly the less stressful option to pursue with a situation that is always emotional and potentially volatile. With your steady hand and fair approach, we got through our agreement negotiations with only the minimum of stress. In addition, you might like to know that I followed your clear, concise instructions regarding the filing of paperwork at the court, and on the day of my court appearance, mine was the only divorce granted. This is thanks to you, I followed your instructions to the letter and all my paperwork was in order, resulting in no trauma at all with the final step and a huge saving in attorneys fees.

Thank you, I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of everything you did for us.


2 November 2011

Got any questions? Any other problems the parties may have regarding divorce may also be discussed and resolved.

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